VOCAL ~ Private & Group Singing Lessons

Children's voices are very fragile and special care is needed when grooming these young singers. Broadway Academy's programs are designed to help young singers develop their voices safely and confidently. Children will develop their own unique vocal abilities while keeping up with their natural physical growth with our singing program. 

Elementary Musical Theater is an important part of every child's education in school. Our program offers children the chance to enhance Acting + Singing + Dancing/Movement, all in 1 course. Students will learn to coordinate with one another, making friends and develop interpersonal skills. Broadway Academy's Elementary Musical Theater program covers musicals and topics that is appropriate to their age and understanding.

Elementry Musical Theater

 Broadway Academy's vocal student Tah Jia Hui

Broadway Academy's Children's Choir

Broadway Academy's Elementary Musical Theater

Singing is always fun in a group. Our Children's Choir program is a valueble supplement to any private singing course. Children will develop their skills to harmonize and work their ear-training and pitch accuracy by singing together in parts. This program incorporates some movements to help children develp good rhythmic sense and performance skills. 


Dancing is a from of body expression. Children are full of energy, and this energy has to be discharged effectively in order to have full concentration in whatever they do. Our dance program offers a wide variety of dance movents in one wholesome program that helps children discharge those excess energy build up. This program combines hip-hop, jazz, fusion and other dance elements. You will be certsain that children will enjoy this program and have confidence on stage.


In this day and age, clear and understandable communication is the essense to a success in any area. Our Children's Theater Speech & Drama offers training in voice articulation, diction, tone, voicing, projection, expression and voice control. Knowing how to express one's self in an appropriate language tone and clarity should be groomed at a young age. We have incorporated all these elements in our drama course to help children develop good speaking skills through acting,


Broadway Academy's Children's Speech & Drama

Broadway Academy's Modern Dance

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