Everyone deserves that spot light on the stage. Everyone deserves the knowledge to feel good and to be able to express yourself. Let us be your friend and partner to help make your goals, ambitions and dreams come true. Look through our fantastic programs offered.  Come see us for a free consultation session.




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Broadway Academy opens up a wholesome connectionto the real world of performing arts. We bring NEW YORK to you, right here in Malaysia. No one has the right to judge or hinder you from achieving your dreams or say what you can't achieve. We believe that "EVERYONE CAN DO IT" and "we know how"Ask us how.  Keep your dreams well and alive.Be in touch with us today.



Broadway Academy started out as a professional musical theater production company that promotes local talents by staging box office hit musicals from Broadway New York with its various affiliations with several licensing agents and producers network. The success of the productions has inspired us to extend our arms into the education field, whereby we start to groom students and amateur performers to be at par with performance artist and creative teams in America and the rest of the world. With a team of experienced professional creative team members and a panel of academicians, Broadway Academy has lined up a series of programs and courses that offer training in various programs and courses which leads to a diploma offered by the International Music Examinations Board (IMEB) from Sydney, Australia. 


Students of Broadway Academy are trained to perform on a regular basis and are constantly given opportunities to perform at events, recitals, musicals and other performances including auditioned professional performances.

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